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Giving Digital Twins the IMPETUS to become regional

The phrase “Digital Twins” has become common in the water industry to describe creating virtual replicas of physical assets, such as water treatment plants or water networks. However, another potential lies in “digital twinning” an entire region, initially connecting ‘hard’ ground sensors and ‘soft’ satellite sensors to regional environmental and infrastructure models.

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IMPETUS highlights systemic solutions for climate resilience at ICSD

Adapted from the 28 September UNSDSN blog by Maëlle Voil: ‘Systemic Solutions and Innovations for Climate-Resilient Regions: A look into European research program Horizon 2020 sister climate projects IMPETUS and … Read more

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IMPETUS highlights satellite data importance for climate adaptation – ESA Living Planet Symposium 

Remote sensing data from Earth observation satellites is central to the urgent task of tackling climate change and related work in the EU-funded IMPETUS project. IMPETUS is combining satellite data … Read more

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Core climate IMPETUS tool taking shape in the digital dimension

Engaging citizens, businesses, governments and other sectors in adapting to local climate change impacts is a central concern in the EU-funded IMPETUS project. But how should decisions be made, using what tools, and based on what data and scenarios? By combining human inputs and innovative digital solutions, the project will boost knowledge about resilience to climate change. The first challenge – to shape the technical architecture for the digital dimension of these ‘Resilience Knowledge Boosters’ (RKBs) – has now taken its first significant step forward.