Sites and solutions

Testing and knowledge building

IMPETUS has demonstration sites in 7 of Europe’s 11 biogeographical regions, as defined by the European Environment Agency. In these sites, our project teams are:

  • testing various relevant technologies and nature-based solutions that will mitigate the local impacts of climate change;
  • engaging with local communities, policy-makers and businesses in co-creation of knowledge, policies and innovative approaches relevant to their situation;
  • encouraging ‘ownership’ of adaptation measures by local stakeholders so they sustain activities after IMPETUS project ends;
  • gathering knowledge about scientific, technical, social and policy developments in local ‘Resilience Knowledge Booster’ (RKB) hubs;
  • knowledge sharing at local and regional level through events, learning materials, promotional activities etc. centred around the RKBs.

IMPETUS results will be further disseminated and amplified by:

  • coordinating with related projects;
  • interconnecting the RKBs with other active communities and organisations to share lessons learned more widely across Europe.


Situation: The metropolitan Berlin-Brandenburg region in the north-eastern German lowlands has a relatively high surface area of rivers and lakes,

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Situation: The 600km long Catalan coast in north-eastern Spain presents a wide array of geographical and biodiversity systems that provide

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Situation: As the name Zeeland (“sea land”) suggests, a large part of this south-western coastal province in the Netherlands is

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Situation: Beyond the Arctic circle, in the northernmost mainland region of Norway, the IMPETUS Arctic demonstration site in Troms and

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Situation: Zemgale region covers almost 17% of Latvia, located in the country’s centre. Ground water provides drinking water resources for

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Situation: The Valle dei Laghi area is in the Province of Trento in the Italian Alps. A mosaic of mountain

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