Turning climate commitments into action

We are feeling the impacts of climate change here and now. IMPETUS focuses on increasing our resilience. Working with local citizens, policy-makers and businesses in our demonstration sites around Europe, our teams are analysing solutions, boosting knowledge, and creating packages of adaptation measures that other communities can use as a pathway towards a climate-neutral and sustainable future.

IMPETUS was launched in October 2021 with the objective: turn climate commitments into tangible, urgent actions to protect communities and the planet.

IMPETUS in facts

0 %
of Europeans consider climate change a serious problem
IMPETUS partner organisations from 9 countries
technical and nature-based solutions being tested
demonstrator sites in different European biogeographical regions
0 M €
project budget, funded by the European Union



may, 2022


We want to hear from you, folks in #Zeeland and Stadsregio #Rotterdam! Share your perceptions on #climatechange in a ... survey for the @ClimateImpetus project, where @WEI_Europe @nelenschuurmans @KWR_Water will work together to implement climate solutions👉https://t.co/n56MIqJHpl

In our Valle dei Laghi #trentino #Italy team, BIM Sarca integrates water uses (irrigation, hydropower) with a ... participation approach (e.g. workshops). See their site! And if you're in the region, pls do their local #climatechange #survey: https://t.co/aZt9BLYwab

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Sites and solutions:

Testing and knowledge building

IMPETUS has demonstration sites in 7 of Europe’s 11 biogeographical regions, where we are:

  • testing solutions;
  • creating ‘Resilience Knowledge Boosters’;
  • engaging with local communities;
  • sharing knowledge regionally and across Europe.