IMPETUS partners launch 7 regional surveys – get involved!

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What do Berlin (Germany), Catalonia (Spain), Attica (Greece), Zeeland (Netherlands), Troms and Finnmark (Norway), Zemgale (Latvia) and Trentino (Italy) have in common? These regions all face climate change impacts and host EU-funded IMPETUS project activities to address the challenges. And, the local project partners want to hear from you if you are there! Individuals and organisations located around the project’s demonstration sites are invited to take part in their regional survey. Available in local languages and in English, these 15-minute surveys will form the basis for activities to help these communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Be part of the climate-change solution

The survey responses will help shape climate change adaptations for long-lasting benefits in each of the regional communities. Based on the survey responses, the IMPETUS partners for the seven demonstration sites will offer local citizens, businesses, industry, media and civil society representatives further opportunities to take part in project activities. By participating in activities to co-create relevant solutions, local representatives can ensure that regional economic, social and cultural factors are taken into account and contribute to locally beneficial climate adaptations and the wider IMPETUS goals for a climate-neutral and sustainable future.

Take the survey!

For people living, working or doing business in or around the following areas, please share your knowledge, expertise, concerns and ideas about climate change and its impacts in your region:

Berlin metropolitan region, Germany
IMPETUS ‘Continental’ site
Berlin survey in German
Berlin survey in English
Berlin survey news in German (KWB site)
Berlin survey news in English (KWB site)

-> More about the IMPETUS Continental demo site

Coastal region of Catalonia, Spain
IMPETUS ‘Coastal’ site
Catalonia survey in Catalan
Catalonia survey in Spanish
Catalonia survey in English
Catalonia survey information in Catalan (Eurecat site)
Catalonia survey information in Spanish (Eurecat site)
Catalonia survey information in English (Eurecat site)

-> More about the IMPETUS Coastal demo site

Attica region, Greece
IMPETUS ‘Mediterranean’ site
– Attica survey in Greek
– Attica survey in English
– Attica survey news in Greek (coming)

-> More about the IMPETUS Mediterranean demo site

Zeeland & Rijnmond regions, Netherlands
IMPETUS ‘Atlantic’ site
– Zeeland & Rijnmond survey in Dutch
– Zeeland & Rijnmond survey in English
Zeeland & Rijnmond survey news in Dutch (KWR site)

-> More about the IMPETUS Atlantic demo site

Troms and Finnmark region, Netherlands
IMPETUS ‘Arctic’ site
– Troms and Finnmark survey in Norwegian
– Troms and Finnmark survey in English
– Troms and Finnmark survey news in Norwegian (UiT site)

-> More about the IMPETUS Arctic demo site

Zemgale region, Latvia
IMPETUS ‘Boreal’ site
– Zemgale survey in Latvian
– Zemgale survey in English
Zemgale survey news in Latvian (BEF Latvia site)

-> More about the IMPETUS Boreal demo site

Valle dei Laghi, Trentino region, Italy
IMPETUS ‘Mountains’ site
– Valle dei Laghi survey in Italian
– Valle dei Laghi survey in German
– Valle dei Laghi survey in English
– Valle dei Laghi survey news in Italian (EURAC site)
– Valle dei Laghi survey news in German (EURAC site)
Valle dei Laghi survey news in English (EURAC site)

-> More about the IMPETUS Mountains demo site

Local organisations, local focus

The partners around each of the seven demonstration sites are taking the leading role in their region’s IMPETUS project activities. Some partners focus on urban or drinking water systems, others on digital technologies or the use of Earth observation satellite data, others are municipal or government bodies, and some are research-based institutions or companies, bringing a wide range of disciplines and expertise to the project. As the local contact points for the project’s vital work to engage with regional stakeholders, these partners are the key to co-creating solutions and learning outcomes, and ensuring the long-term impact and legacy of the work.

“This is an exciting opportunity to get involved, create a collaborative network and build solutions for the future of these regions, communities and countries. We kindly invite anyone with interest or knowledge about climate change and its local impacts to help us kick-start this important work by answering their regional survey questions.”

Hella Schwarzmüller, KWB Head of Groundwater Department, IMPETUS coordinator for deployment of solutions at demo sites

Further information

Find out more about the seven IMPETUS demonstration sites and solutions, local climate-change risks and activities, and all the IMPETUS partners.