IMPETUS joins forces with sister climate projects

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An exciting cooperation between the EU-funded IMPETUS project and sister Green Deal projects began on 24 November 2021. Organised by the REGILIENCE project’s Coordination Support Action team, the Horizon Europe Climate Adaptation Mission Workshop explored how four climate adaptation projects will cooperate. By identifying common goals, challenges and work areas and coordinating to achieve efficiencies and synergies, IMPETUS, REGILIENCE, ARSINOE and TransformAr will achieve the best possible outcomes for communities impacted by climate change.

This is the first time so many climate projects are working closely together in such a way. The online workshop laid the path for combining actions and increasing impacts from these four Horizon 2020 ‘Regional Resilience Projects’, which are supported by CINEA, the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive. The event participants learned about the goals and activities of each project, exchanged ideas and tips for good practices, and heard how their work could combine and contribute to support the ambitions of the European Union’s ‘Climate Adaptation Mission’.

The cooperation between these projects will help to avoid the development of maladaptive responses to climate change pressures, create common terminology and tools with which to disseminate learning and solutions, and so maximise the potential impacts and benefits of the projects’ separate and collective achievements.

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